sphyg (sphyg) wrote in race_for_life,

Cambridge RfL

Did my race this morning, just posted this in my lj (friends-locked though):

I did the Race for Life this morning and crossed the finish line in 47 minutes, which I didn't think was too bad going. I could have done without the complicated warm-up as I was too hot before I'd even started - next year I'll lounge at the back. I was at the front of the walking group and started a bit fast so had a stich halfway through, but had Depeche Mode on my MP3 player to accompany me. I even jogged the last short leg. Unfortunately this meant my MP3 player, which was stuffed down my bra for lack of anywhere else to put it, fell out and then I dropped my medal in the panic - all turned out OK though. I think all the blood normally in my brain was in my legs! It was really emotional seeing all the labels pinned on people's T-shirts saying who people were running for. A big thanks to everyone who sponsored me online and IRL - if you haven't given me your money yet, please don't forget!
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