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Swim for life!

The Belfast Race for Life was a washout this morning. The rain pelted down and we were all soaked and bedraggled but my friend and I managed to complete the course in 38 minutes which included going up this big giant hill so we were very proud of ourselves. It was so moving,seeing everyones dedications on their back. I was bawling the minute we arrived! The main thing is I raised £600 in memory of my partners Aunt who died in April of cancer. I think I will do it next year too.
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wow. that's a lot of cash. and well done.
and yeah, it was sad seeing all those pink cards when i did mine. made me cry a little inside (im tough! i never cry on the outside :P)
Thank you!
Well done!

There are two photos on the BBC news of that race...
Ooh great, i will have a look now.Thank you!
well done!

I felt sad too but also inspired by all the people there at my race


June 4 2007, 12:33:25 UTC 10 years ago

It is very inspiring. It give the whole event a focus.
Well done!!!

And a great time since it was raining!


June 4 2007, 12:29:04 UTC 10 years ago

Thank you very much!