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I also did my race on sunday. I did try and run a bit but my toe kept cramping up which was annoying I had to stop half way round and take my shoe off to see if I could rub some life back into it.

I ended up comming in at at 48min which is a bit of a disapointment but next time I will do better. AT least I ran this time for at least some of it.
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well done :)
was better than me, as i've said. toe cramps are awful. but not as bad as blisters so :P

lol you win
hehe :) thanks
got a sore ankle as well today. rom walking weirdly to avoid the blister pain i think!
do those shoes normally give you blisters
my trainers? yes. not this bad. usually they give me blisters on my toes, but this is the ball of my foot. i have to get new ones
yeah good shoes make it so much easier
well these were good, but i've had them a while i guess they got old. i can't afford really really good trainers.
how much were yours?
I got mine from tk maxx in their sale so they were only £10.

tx maxx is good for stuff like that
i wonder if we have one of those here.
they are popping up all over the place so if you don't you probably will soon
i dunno. swansea is dying, not getting better
we do! i will check it out when im in town next :)
Well done!

There isnt much you can do about toe cramps, at least you ran some of it!
exactly but it still pissed me off :(
Well done!!