Stephanie (stephaniewalker) wrote in race_for_life,

I wonder....

What is the best time to start jogging outside?

I haven't jogged outside for years and even then I didn't do all that much. I've been thinking about a route to run which is about 2 miles long. However, I dont want to try when it's too hot, or too cold, or too busy! Anyone have any suggestions?
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morning or evening :) it's cooler. i'd say 10ish in teh morning, the sun gets hottest around miday until 3. so either 10ish or maybe 4-5ish
I agree, mid day can be very hot so get your run in before or after that.
morning runs are great but icant get out of bed early enough during the week. I go about 6.30pm when i get in instead. Once you get moving you will warm up quickly so dont wrap up too warm either.
Take it slow! pacing yourself is the hardest bit to learn so go slower then you think you should and see how it feels.

Good luck and i hope you enjoy it!
Thank you.

I might try morning jogs when I'm back at work after the holidays as I used to go to the gym at that time. I need to work out how to carry my door key though as I dont have a safe pocket to put it in.
I put my door key inside my carry case for my ipod. I’ve also used the draw sting in my shorts and tied it in there and my shoes lace worked ok as well.

Someone is usually in or at least in bed in my house so I just leave the door unlocked and a note telling them when I should be back most of the time.
Do you take water with you when you go?
i'm doing between 2-5miles right now and dont really need it. But with the weather getting hotter i will probably start taken it for the longer runs

I class 15-30 mins as short to mid distance runs. 40-60mins as long.
How far do you get in 15-30 minutes? How do you stop yourself getting bored?

Sorry for all the questions!!
1.5miles to 3miles

But only just managing the 3miles in 30mins. Got 6 weeks till the race for life to be doing that distance comfortable in 30mins (goal i set myself when i started training)

Can only manage at most 30mins on the tradmill then i'm bored but i love running outside. the 5miles run i do is to a local park then back and i love it i have my ipod on and i'm in my own little world!
I've had a realisation today that it's 4 and a bit weeks until mine and I haven't trained half as much as I should have done. ;/

I can walk it no problem, but I would like to be able to jog some of it if not all of it.

Would you mind if I added you to my friends list?
Sure, i dont post in my journal that much, mainly in the communities.

Its amazing how far you can come in 4 weeks if you train. Good luck!
Thank you.

I think I'll try early morning when I start back at work after the holidays.